Vacuum Packs and Sealers

Vacuum Packs and Sealers

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  1. -15%
    F.E.D. YJS80D VACPAC Handheld Vacuum Pump

    A$80.00 A$68.00 +gst

    (A$74.80 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$0.86 per week
  2. -15%
    F.E.D. YJS80A VACPAC Handheld Vacuum Pump Combo

    A$119.00 A$101.15 +gst

    (A$111.27 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$1.28 per week
  3. Apuro Vacuum Packing Machine CD204-A

    A$151.00 +gst

    (A$166.10 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$1.92 per week
  4. -10%
    F.E.D. VACPAC YJS150 Single Vacuum Bag Sealer

    A$187.95 A$169.00 +gst

    (A$185.90 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$2.15 per week
  5. -38%
    F.E.D. VACPAC YJS260 Dual Vacuum Bag Sealer

    A$479.00 A$299.00 +gst

    (A$328.90 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$3.80 per week
  6. Apuro Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Sealer CD969-A

    A$685.00 +gst

    (A$753.50 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$8.69 per week
  7. Apuro Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine GF439-A

    A$979.00 +gst

    (A$1,076.90 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$12.43 per week
  8. -16%
    GRANGE GRDS-2 Manual Commercial Tray Sealer

    A$1,795.00 A$1,508.00 +gst

    (A$1,658.80 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$19.14 per week
  9. -16%
    GRANGE GRDZ300 Quality Entry Level Commercial Grade Vacuum Packer

    A$1,995.00 A$1,676.00 +gst

    (A$1,843.60 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$21.27 per week
  10. -15%
    F.E.D. VACPAC YJS810 Auto Vacuum Packaging Machine

    A$2,289.00 A$1,945.65 +gst

    (A$2,140.22 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$24.69 per week
  11. -15%
    F.E.D. DJ-DZ350/M VACPAC Vacuum Packaging Machine

    A$2,839.00 A$2,413.15 +gst

    (A$2,654.47 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$30.63 per week
  12. -30%
    F.E.D. VACPAC DJ-DZ350/M Vacuum Packaging Machine

    A$3,689.00 A$2,580.00 +gst

    (A$2,838.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$32.75 per week
  13. -37%
    F.E.D. VACPAC DJ-DZ500/B Vacuum Packaging Machine

    A$6,409.00 A$4,010.00 +gst

    (A$4,411.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$50.90 per week
  14. -15%
    F.E.D. DJ-DZ500/B VACPAC Vacuum Packaging Machine

    A$4,939.00 A$4,198.15 +gst

    (A$4,617.97 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$53.28 per week
  15. F.E.D. VACPAC DJ-DZ500-2SB Vacuum Packaging Machine

    A$7,770.00 +gst

    (A$8,547.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$98.62 per week
  16. -15%
    F.E.D. DJ-DZ500-2SB VACPAC Vacuum Packaging Machine

    A$9,549.00 A$8,116.65 +gst

    (A$8,928.32 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$103.02 per week
  17. -20%
    Turbochef Waterless Steamer Oven

    A$20,497.00 A$16,398.00 +gst

    (A$18,037.80 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$208.13 per week
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17 Items